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Whenever people ask us what is our favorite things about blogging, they probably expect us to say the monetary benefits that we occasionally lucky enough to enjoy. It really is not. Through blogging, and through the blogging related event that we’ve been to, we have met so many amazing people. It floors us that we can call them ‘friends’.

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Dresses for events for less than 100 euros

If you have a very tight budget here you have the best party dresses of the season for less than 100 euros.

We are already in the middle of events. Almost everyone has a wedding, a party, a communion or a baptism in their agenda, but do you know how to dress? Dresses are always a fast and very flattering solution. This season of spring/summer 2018 there is a lot of dresses to choose from: with asymmetrical neckline, with gathers, lingerie, ruffles or in pastel colors etc. In EllaHoy we bring you the best dresses for events for less than 100 euros. Look smart without spending a lot of money!

Party dresses for events

Going beautiful, groomed and chic to an event does not have to be expensive. In fact, in the best stores and low-cost fashion brands, you can find divine party dresses for less than 100 euros. For the new season of spring/summer 2018 there are party dresses for all tastes; from trend dresses to more classic models.

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How to choose the perfect party dress? First of all, you should opt for a model that you like, favor and feel good. Second, you must choose a dress that suits the events you have. A communion is not the same as a wedding at night or a summer party in a garden. To make the final look perfect, you should also pay attention to the accessories.

The best dresses for events for less than 100 euros

A ‘cheap’ dress can solve any event. If you have many weddings or communions this spring, it is best to bet on economic models, so you can wear different dresses on each occasion. In EllaHoy we have chosen some of the best party dresses for less than 100 euros of the season, do not miss it!

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For starters, we propose a very trendy dress. It is a lingerie dress in the fluid fabric of green color with lace combined in black Zara. Add a black jacket and strappy sandals and you have your look to go to almost any event. If you have a day wedding, a communion or a christening, we propose you a chiffon dress in pink with a floral pattern in shades of beige with ruffles and asymmetrical Zara design. To complete the look you can wear a long blazer in beige.

At H & M you also have very flattering and beautiful party dresses for less than 100 euros. For example a chiffon maxi dress in mint green with the pleated body or a lady midi dress with sky blue lace and v-neckline. In Mango, there are also many options for dresses for events. Our favorites are: a long dress with asymmetric neckline, in flowy fabric and draped body in orange or a short dress made in floral lace.

Drink 2 liters of water daily: improve your health

Discover all the healthy reasons to drink 2 liters of water a day, the best way to bet on your health.

Drinking 2 liters of water a day is the best way to take care of hydration and gain health. But why exactly 2 liters? Drinking water is essential, and not only when we are thirsty. However, do we really know what are the benefits of drinking water and the consequences of not doing so? Approximately 60% of our body is water, that is the key, but there are many more reasons to drink between 8-10 glasses of water per day. Keep reading and discover the benefits of hydrating.

Drink 2 liters of water daily: improve your health

A good hydration improves the elasticity of the skin and helps the kidneys to perform their function more effectively. Hydration to which we must pay special attention in the months of more heat, being advisable, as advice, always carry a small bottle of water on top. Heat stroke can have serious health consequences.

Why is it important to drink two liters of water?

We do not always give enough importance to drinking water, and while for some it is a pleasure and they even need to constantly hydrate, for others it is a habit that they sometimes neglect. However, there are no excuses, being essential for the health of our body to drink at least two liters of water a day.

During a whole day, we lose approximately 1,450 milliliters of water between urine, sweat, physical activity, feces or breathing. Therefore, to maintain the stability of water in the body it is necessary to drink at least 2 liters per day. Water that reports benefits such as:

  • Drinking water regularly is also important to maintain hair health, strength, shine and elasticity.
  • Water is a source of health for the skin and to ensure its firmness since hydration prevents wrinkles.
  • Water helps keep nails in perfect condition and show perfect hands throughout the year.
  • Losing weight, since drinking water before meals mitigates the feeling of anxiety, reduces appetite and helps metabolize accumulated fat.
  • Water provides the body with the minerals and oxygen our cells need.
  • Water helps the best functioning of the kidney and liver, two of the essential organs in the human body.
  • It helps to eliminate toxins and harmful particles from our body.
  • Improves physical performance, because it keeps the muscles hydrated.

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Consequences of poor hydration

What happens if we are not well hydrated? If we do not drink enough water:

  • Our body cannot perform correctly the different chemical reactions that occur when ingesting water and how beneficial they are to our health.
  • Poor hydration makes us more vulnerable to diseases such as asthma, allergies, chronic pain in different parts of the body, migraines, colitis, back and leg pain.
  • Chronic or severe dehydration cells may increase the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson ‘s or multiple sclerosis among others. This is because the cells do not have enough hydration and lack necessary minerals such as sodium among others.
  • Not being sufficiently hydrated can favor problems such as overweight, cholesterol, diabetes, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, and other pathologies.

Do not you think there are enough reasons to drink water? We should not wait until we are thirsty to drink a little water, much less in times of intense heat. Get used to drinking at least 2 liters of water a day and presume good health.

Critics of the wedding: Things that are always criticized in a marriage

Take note of what are the most common criticisms of the wedding to take into account when organizing the link.

The criticism of the wedding does not fail, both good and less constructive, so it is best to prepare and comment on the details of the celebration. It never rains to everyone’s taste, that would say popular wisdom, or in other words, you can not please everyone. What is the most criticized in a wedding?

In the same way, it is convenient to remember that this special day has two protagonists, the couple, and as guests, the most important thing is the luck to share the happiness of the couple. Criticism of any detail of the wedding is in the background.

What is the most criticized in a wedding?

We review the moments of the organization of a wedding to which the guests will be more aware. Things that are always criticized or thought of at a wedding, even if they are not expressed aloud. Taking it into account can also provide interesting clues when planning certain details of the celebration.

The place of the wedding

Critics to the wedding place of the wedding

Choosing a place that is too far away or not in line with the temperatures of the time of year may not be convincing for the guests. When choosing the wedding venue, it is advisable to take into account the season of the year and the time of day, as well as the possibilities for the guests to travel.

Wedding banquet

Critics to the banquet wedding

Succeeding with the wedding party menu is key to substituting reviews for praise, so it is always important to make a tasting before choosing the final menu. The small portions, the dishes that arrive cold or do not take into account if there are allergic among the guests can be cause for criticism among the guests.

Dress of the bride

Wedding criticism bride dress

If there is one detail that will capture the glances of all, it will undoubtedly be the wedding dress. His choice is exclusive to the bride, and according to his style and personality, so possible criticisms should not be a reason to give up the dress of our dreams. And next to the bride, the dresses of the bridesmaids.

Wedding dance

criticism of the wedding dance

After the banquet, the guests wait to prolong the party with the wedding dance. The choice of music is key to animate the party, being the most advisable to choose to play songs of all genres to prevent some guests get bored.

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