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Whenever people ask us what is our favorite things about blogging, they probably expect us to say the monetary benefits that we occasionally lucky enough to enjoy. It really is not. Through blogging, and through the blogging related event that we’ve been to, we have met so many amazing people. It floors us that we can call them ‘friends’.

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Find the dress that best suits your personal style and show it with pride this season. Spring is about to arrive (and we can not be happier)!


1/11 The perfect dress

We have been waiting for spring for many months and, finally, it has almost arrived. We can not be more happy. However, now we will have to update our clothes and make the dreaded wardrobe change. In addition, we already know that there is nothing better than a dress for spring-summer days. The options are endless, but do not worry: with our proposals, you will choose the dress that best suits your personal style. Of course, before deciding between a tendency and another one, discovers which are the dresses of summer according to your body that better you will seat.

2/11 Floral pattern

During the spring, our cabinets are filled with floral garments. Bet for a dress with this print to show off a look of the most romantic (Topshop, € 89).

3/11 Patchwork

Bet on a midi patchwork fluid dress and proudly paint it this spring (Zara, € 49.95).

4/11 Pleated

If you want to bet on a look of the most feminine this spring, a pleated two-tone dress is a must (Mango, € 89.99).

5/11pastel pink

The best choice for a look of the most romantic: a dress in pastel pink (Chloé, 2,690 € in Net-a-Porter).

6/11 With openings

Get red dress type off-shoulders with openings. You’ll look sexier than ever (New Look, € 22.99).

7/11 Maxi

To wear a boho look this spring, opt for a pastel maxi dress (Intropia, € 395).

8/11 Military

The military style continues to trend season after season. Bet on a dress that installs “utilitarianism” in your wardrobe (C & A, € 17.90).


Opt for a maxi dress with ruffles and long sleeves. You will add a touch of the most feminine and elegant to your outfit (Zadig & Voltaire, € 525).

10/11 Haberdasher

To achieve a casual look  , opt for a shirt dress and combine it with a leather jacket for a touch of rock (Stradivarius, € 19.99).

11/11 With ornaments

An ideal garment for day and night. Bet on this lace dress with floral ornaments and minitachuelas, and combine it with the simplest accessories (Michael Kors, € 295).

Yes, we are also tired of winter and we are impatiently waiting for the spring months. Now we will have to renovate our cabinets and think about all the clothes that we are going to need this season eye! In case you have not yet done any of the must-have garments , keep in mind that the mustard will be the star color of the season .


We know that dresses are synonymous with success for this spring. The problem is that we are a bit confused when it comes to getting one that fits our style, due to the endless options proposed by our favorite brands. However, when you get to get the perfect dress, you will take it with everything and for all occasions, we guarantee it.

Scrub with the anti-anxiety blanket and discover how easy it can be to improve your mood and sleep well.

The anti-anxiety blanket is the latest and revolutionary invention that promises to reduce anxiety, stress and help to have a good rest. His name is Gravity, does it work? We discover it

Gravity is a weighted blanket whose design, as the promoters of the project, the company of John Fiorentino, is based on the known therapeutic blankets and the key lies in the incorporation of weight to apply pressure uniformly throughout the body (medicine based on gravity). According to its creators, the effect of deep tactile stimulation helps fight anxiety and stress.

Anti-anxiety blanket, what is it for?

The creators of this curious blanket, whose funding project has revolutionized American crowdfunding with more than three million dollars raised on the Kickstarter platform, ensure that the gentle pressure exerted by the blanket mimics the feeling of hugs, which favors relaxation of the nervous system, increased levels of melatonin and serotonin and decreased levels of cortisol (stress hormone). This translates into a reduction in blood pressure and heart rate, while improving mood and promotes rest.

The anti anxiety blanket: Everything you need to know about "Gravity"

The anti-anxiety blanket Gravity not only helps to combat anxiety and stress naturally, but it could also be used as a treatment for other pathologies, such as sleep problems, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

How much does an anti-anxiety blanket weigh?

The Gravity blanket is made with a high-density polyethylene granule filling and wrapped with a breathable microfiber cloth. The weight is the key to this blanket, as we have indicated, is designed so that it supposes around 10% of our corporal weight. Depending on the weight, there are three types of blankets:

48x48 blanket

A blanket of 7 kilos: for people between 45-68 kilos.
A blanket of 9 kilos: for people between 68-90 kilos.
A blanket of 11 kilos: people with weight over 90 kilos.

How much?

The anti-anxiety blanket has a price of 256 euros, and for those who invest in the project, the price is reduced to 173 euros. The blanket can be used in bed, on the couch or for meditation exercises.

Wedding trends that will sweep in 2019

Discover wedding trends that will cause fury among brides planning their wedding for 2019.

Let yourself be conquered by the wedding trends that will sweep in 2019. The most chic and modern details become protagonists of the new trends in wedding dresses, hairstyles, accessories and, of course, in the decoration of weddings. If you plan to say ‘yes, I want’ next year, we invite you to discover the trends that will be imposed in 2019.

There are many details to take into account when organizing a wedding, so it is always good to have an extra help and know in advance the new trends. Surely you will find the detail you were looking for to make your wedding a unique and special day.

Trends in wedding dresses

Elegance and comfort are a binomial that prevails with strength among the most modern brides. The trends in wedding dresses confirm the prominence of the color palette in the most modern and stylish designs.

The jumpsuits for brides, the coolest and most elegant monkeys, are here to stay. The perfect alternative for brides who renounce the classic dress and bet on the comfort of wearing pants. Elegance for a very special day at the hands of designers such as Carolina Herrera, Galvan or Viktor & Rolf.

The layers for brides will continue making furor next season, one of the most chic accessories that are presented as an alternative to veils for brides. Transparent layers, lace, embroidered or decorated with crystals.

The color has entered fully into bridal fashion and more and more brides are choosing to wear a colorful wedding dress. Dresses like those we find in Vera Wang’s 2019 bridal collection, where white gives way to more sweeping colors, such as cherry red, yellow, green, lilac, beige … A farewell to white with style.

Naturalness is synonymous with elegance, and the proof is that the most comfortable hairstyles are imposed for brides, such as ponytails and braids.

Trends in wedding decoration

Transparencies are imposed between trends in wedding decoration, with details such as transparent chairs for guests, glass table centers … The charm of this trend lies in the brightness it brings to the spaces.

It is not the only trend that comes to stay, because the rustic style has given way to desert inspiration for outdoor weddings.

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