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Whenever people ask us what is our favorite things about blogging, they probably expect us to say the monetary benefits that we occasionally lucky enough to enjoy. It really is not. Through blogging, and through the blogging related event that we’ve been to, we have met so many amazing people. It floors us that we can call them ‘friends’.

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Find the dress that best suits your personal style and show it with pride this season. Spring is about to arrive (and we can not be happier)!


1/11 The perfect dress

We have been waiting for spring for many months and, finally, it has almost arrived. We can not be more happy. However, now we will have to update our clothes and make the dreaded wardrobe change. In addition, we already know that there is nothing better than a dress for spring-summer days. The options are endless, but do not worry: with our proposals, you will choose the dress that best suits your personal style. Of course, before deciding between a tendency and another one, discovers which are the dresses of summer according to your body that better you will seat.

2/11 Floral pattern

During the spring, our cabinets are filled with floral garments. Bet for a dress with this print to show off a look of the most romantic (Topshop, € 89).

3/11 Patchwork

Bet on a midi patchwork fluid dress and proudly paint it this spring (Zara, € 49.95).

4/11 Pleated

If you want to bet on a look of the most feminine this spring, a pleated two-tone dress is a must (Mango, € 89.99).

5/11pastel pink

The best choice for a look of the most romantic: a dress in pastel pink (Chloé, 2,690 € in Net-a-Porter).

6/11 With openings

Get red dress type off-shoulders with openings. You’ll look sexier than ever (New Look, € 22.99).

7/11 Maxi

To wear a boho look this spring, opt for a pastel maxi dress (Intropia, € 395).

8/11 Military

The military style continues to trend season after season. Bet on a dress that installs “utilitarianism” in your wardrobe (C & A, € 17.90).


Opt for a maxi dress with ruffles and long sleeves. You will add a touch of the most feminine and elegant to your outfit (Zadig & Voltaire, € 525).

10/11 Haberdasher

To achieve a casual look  , opt for a shirt dress and combine it with a leather jacket for a touch of rock (Stradivarius, € 19.99).

11/11 With ornaments

An ideal garment for day and night. Bet on this lace dress with floral ornaments and minitachuelas, and combine it with the simplest accessories (Michael Kors, € 295).

Yes, we are also tired of winter and we are impatiently waiting for the spring months. Now we will have to renovate our cabinets and think about all the clothes that we are going to need this season eye! In case you have not yet done any of the must-have garments , keep in mind that the mustard will be the star color of the season .


We know that dresses are synonymous with success for this spring. The problem is that we are a bit confused when it comes to getting one that fits our style, due to the endless options proposed by our favorite brands. However, when you get to get the perfect dress, you will take it with everything and for all occasions, we guarantee it.

10 ways to create a unique canvas print display

10 ways to create a unique canvas print display

Canvas prints are a joy to customise and display in any home, having the ability to transform an entire space with minimal effort. And due to their fair price point, ease of installation and wealth of style choice, creating a striking canvas print display has never been easier. To spark inspiration and give you expert interior tips that will set your canvas display apart from the rest, we’ve compiled a list of 10 brilliant ways to master the display of canvas prints. Read on and find out all you need to know about creating a unique canvas print display.

<b>1. Use the upper third of your room</b>

The upper third of the room tends to be space that is left empty and ignored. In some cases, this is for good reason. However, if your room is blessed with high ceilings but has a smaller area, utilizing the upper third of a wall is a brilliant way to create the illusion of more space. Simply add a collage of canvas prints that utilise this top section of wall, in a structured and geometrical manner to ensure fluidity and a composed look.

Top tip: This tends to work best in rooms that lack tall pieces of furniture such as wardrobes or bookcases. For the best results, creating a defined bottom line for your canvas prints to sit on is essential as this will look neat, streamlined and cohesive.

<b>2. Create a striking centrepiece</b>

An oversized canvas print that takes the spotlight above a sofa or in the middle of a feature wall is a classic way to display a bold piece of artwork. However, for a twist on this look, change your canvas from one oversized print to three canvas prints displayed in an even collage formation. By using three images, you will create a sleek, modern look that appears more open. It will also appear to be more artistic and forward thinking.

<b>3. Channel your inner avant-garde artist</b>

Dare to be different with a selection of bold and eye-catching canvas prints with minimal designs and vibrant colours. A selection of large canvas prints in an avant-garde style will look great on a plain wall and can go against a backdrop of almost any colour. For inspiration, get pinning on Pinterest, or make a mood board of colours, designs and patterns that you’d like to incorporate into your collage wall.

<b>4. Use symmetry to your strength</b>

Create a clean, structured canvas print display by simply opting for 5-10 canvas prints of the exact same size. These prints can be hung horizontally on a wall, with a precise distance maintained between each canvas. This is a simple yet effective way to hang a group of canvas prints and is one which looks particularly good in contemporary interiors.

<b>5. Accentuate a staircase</b>

Transform a staircase by adding a selection of bold canvas prints that will follow the staircase from start to finish. Use the space to create a story and play with colour, pattern and illustration styles that will provide a charming alternative to family photographs or typical framed photos.

Top tip: Be adventurous and as bold and bright as you want with your space. Hallways, closet bathrooms and staircases are all smaller spaces that can be over-exaggerated and emphasised for a wonderful effect.

<b>6. Create the ultimate collage wall</b>

Rather than the more fluid and organic structure that is seen in gallery walls, a collage wall tends to follow specific layouts that will enhance your space. If you have a mantle, alcove or smaller area to work with, consider creating a uniform arrangement of collages. This may be a four up and four down display of A4 sized canvases that follow a particular colour scheme or theme.

<b>7. Enhance a picture ledge</b>

Rather than hammering your canvas prints into the wall, consider propping them against a picture ledge or shelf for a stylish, New York loft look that is laid back and artistic.

Top tip: Picture ledges and shelves have a big advantage of giving you the option to change which canvases you want to display, dependant on your mood, the season, or your decor style. This is particularly ideal for those who tend to chop and change a lot and avoids the faff of re-hanging images.

<b>8. Commit to one colour</b>

Create a canvas display that is completely focused on one colour for a beautiful and unique look that will wow guests. If you have white or neutral walls, this is a brilliant way to add colour to a room without committing to painting.

<b>9. The bigger the better</b>

As they say, big is beautiful. And when it comes to canvas prints, this certainly doesn’t lose any effectiveness. Be brave and invest in a large canvas print that will command attention and create a beautiful focal point for your room.

Top tip: If you’re worried about committing to a large canvas, try using masking tape to plan out the area it will cover to get adjusted to its size.

<b>10. Become a master of curation</b>

Use your home as a personal art gallery, giving you the ability to showcase your personality and tastes to others through your canvas print selection. Research your favourite artists for inspiration and don’t be afraid to clash colours and patterns. If you have a white or pale, neutral wall, this will create a wonderful eclectic look with lots of variety, contrast and style.

Critics of the wedding: Things that are always criticized in a marriage

Take note of what are the most common criticisms of the wedding to take into account when organizing the link.

The criticism of the wedding does not fail, both good and less constructive, so it is best to prepare and comment on the details of the celebration. It never rains to everyone’s taste, that would say popular wisdom, or in other words, you can not please everyone. What is the most criticized in a wedding?

In the same way, it is convenient to remember that this special day has two protagonists, the couple, and as guests, the most important thing is the luck to share the happiness of the couple. Criticism of any detail of the wedding is in the background.

What is the most criticized in a wedding?

We review the moments of the organization of a wedding to which the guests will be more aware. Things that are always criticized or thought of at a wedding, even if they are not expressed aloud. Taking it into account can also provide interesting clues when planning certain details of the celebration.

The place of the wedding

Critics to the wedding place of the wedding

Choosing a place that is too far away or not in line with the temperatures of the time of year may not be convincing for the guests. When choosing the wedding venue, it is advisable to take into account the season of the year and the time of day, as well as the possibilities for the guests to travel.

Wedding banquet

Critics to the banquet wedding

Succeeding with the wedding party menu is key to substituting reviews for praise, so it is always important to make a tasting before choosing the final menu. The small portions, the dishes that arrive cold or do not take into account if there are allergic among the guests can be cause for criticism among the guests.

Dress of the bride

Wedding criticism bride dress

If there is one detail that will capture the glances of all, it will undoubtedly be the wedding dress. His choice is exclusive to the bride, and according to his style and personality, so possible criticisms should not be a reason to give up the dress of our dreams. And next to the bride, the dresses of the bridesmaids.

Wedding dance

criticism of the wedding dance

After the banquet, the guests wait to prolong the party with the wedding dance. The choice of music is key to animate the party, being the most advisable to choose to play songs of all genres to prevent some guests get bored.

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