It’s coming months before season 4’s best.

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Amazon clearly has a great deal of self-confidence in its revival of The Stretch— the internet giant has restored the gritty sci-fi program for a fifth season months prior to season 4’s December 13 th best. That’s not completely unexpected when the Prime Video series both has a dedicated following from its Syfy days and a skilled group. However, it’s likely to be comforting for fans worried that Amazon may resurrect the show only to axe it soon later.

This isn’t the very first time Amazon has renewed a series well in advance of a season debut, however it still makes The Expanse part of a special club. Amazon normally reserves these early renewals for shows it thinks will be hits from the beginning, such as Jack Ryan and Magnificent Mrs. Maisel Even an appealing series like The Kids needed to wait till a week prior to its premiere to receive the greenlight for another season. It’s just as well that Amazon is committing so quickly, though. When there are still numerous Stretch books left to adapt, it’s tough to imagine Amazon bailing on the show so long as its viewership is fairly strong.

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