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Critics of the wedding: Things that are always criticized in a marriage

Take note of what are the most common criticisms of the wedding to take into account when organizing the link. The criticism of the wedding does not fail, both good and less constructive, so it is best to prepare and comment on the details of the celebration. It never rains to everyone’s taste, that would […]


Married last name: Guide to know how to change your name

Take note of what you need to know to adopt the married name legally after marriage. Adopting the married name is a decision that involves a series of administrative procedures to use the husband’s name legally. Any change of surnames, the order of these or the name implies a series of requirements according to the […]


Wedding invitations in wood: Best ideas

Discover the material that brings all the quality and originality to the wedding invitations in wood with which you will surprise your guests. Wedding invitations in wood are the most chic trend to surprise the recipients. Invitations in wood, a material that already conveys warmth, which also becomes a nice memory for guests. A lovely […]