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Google Fit concerns iOS

Google today revealed that Google Fit, the company’s fitness tracking app that released on Android back in 2014, is now readily available on iOS

It certainly took Google a while to bring the app to iOS. Up until today, the only way to get your Fit data on your iPhone was in an unique section of the Use OS app on the iPhone. Without an Use OS device, though, that section would’ve been empty.

If you’ve seen the Fit app on Android, then the iOS variation will look very familiar. It includes the very same focus on Move Minutes and Heart Point, in addition to the capability to get various activities based on your motion. You can also connect the app with apps connected to Apple Health like Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club or Headspace can likewise sync with Google Fit.

Undoubtedly, as a Google representative informed me, all of the movement information in the app also originates from Apple’s Health app– or from an Use OS smartwatch, though couple of iOS users have decided to cross streams and utilize an Use OS watch with their iPhones.

Since Apple Health currently tracks your movement data, I’m uncertain all that many iOS users will make the switch to Google Fit. It’s still good to see Google bring its service to this contending platform for those who perhaps utilize several gadgets

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