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Hells Angels bikers banned by Netherlands court

A Hells Angels Holland member. File photo

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It is uncertain whether the Hells Angels will appeal versus the court decision.

A court in the Netherlands has actually banned the Hells Angels cyclist club due to the fact that of its culture of violence.

The court in the city of Utrecht ruled that the group was a danger to public order and the guideline of law.

It described several violent clashes over the years with competing motor gangs, like the Bandidos.

It is unclear whether the Hells Angels will appeal versus the decision. The group was established in 1948, and now has countless members around the world.

In Wednesday’s ruling, the Utrecht court stated that “the violence is frequently so severe and triggers so much social discontent that it can be thought about in breach of social order”.

The court particularly described Hells Angels Holland and the global organisation to which it belonged.

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Hells Angels members around the globe are understood for riding Harley-Davidson bikes.

The decision makes the Netherlands the very first country to disallow the entire club – and not simply some of its local branches, referred to as chapters.

The Hells Angels club was founded in California. Its members worldwide are understood for favouring Harley-Davidson bikes and wearing denim and leather.

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