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Judge Rejects Bail For Chinese Woman Charged With Illegally Getting in Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club

( WEST PALM BEACH, Fla.)– A federal judge rejected bail Monday for a Chinese lady charged with lying to illegally get in President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, saying her actions and statements recommend “she was up to something nefarious” and there is an “extreme risk of flight” if she were released.

Federal Magistrate Judge William Matthewman released the ruling for 33- year-old Yujing Zhang, who pleaded innocent Monday to charges of lying to federal agents and unlawful entering of a restricted area. Zhang confronts 5 years if founded guilty. District attorneys did retreat from their previous contention that Zhang was carrying a computer system thumb drive consisting of malware, saying further tests have put that in doubt.

Matthewman stated he was especially concerned that when Trick Service agents questioned Zhang on March 30 at Mar-a-Lago shortly after she acquired admission, the offender stated she was carrying 4 cellular phones, a laptop computer and an external hard disk drive because she feared they would be stolen if she left them in her hotel room. However during a search of her space later on, agents found more electronics gear– consisting of a gadget to find surprise cameras– $8,000 in money and numerous credit and debit cards, all of it unsecured.

” It does seem to the court that her supposed innocent description is refuted by what she left behind,” Matthewman said. “It does appear to the court that Ms. Zhang was up to something dubious … when she got to Mar-a-Lago.”

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Due To The Fact That of that, Matthewman said he feared that if he allowed Zhang to be launched, she would get away back to China. The U.S. and China do not have an extradition treaty. Zhang is not charged with espionage, but district attorney Rolando Garcia stated the investigation stays active. Even if Matthewman had actually decided to grant bail, migration authorities would probably have detained Zhang because her U.S. visa has actually been withdrawed. Zhang revealed no response throughout the hearing other than for once stating she didn’t understand when Garcia stated she was at times “within an arm’s length” of Mar-a-Lago computer systems.

Among Zhang’s public defenders, Kristy Militello, informed Matthewman she thinks that Zhang, who works as a service specialist, was confused by the representatives’ concerns and they misinterpreted her when they state she said she was a member. Zhang speaks English, but her level of knowledge is disputed by the prosecution and defense. During court hearings, she listened to a Mandarin translator but also spoke straight to her lawyers sometimes.

Militello said Zhang had actually come to Mar-a-Lago thinking there would be a supper that evening for a United Nations group, part of a $20,000 travel plan she had bought from a man called “Charles” she only understood through social networks. Militello pointed to an invoice Zhang got from Charles Lee, a Chinese national who promotes such occasions at Mar-a-Lago, and a flyer she had promoting it. She asked for Zhang be launched on $250,000 bail protected by her father and said she would use a tracking gadget to guarantee she didn’t leave the location.

” It is a sad reality of this case that if a Mandarin interpreter was offered at that very first contact with the Secret Service, we effectively might not be here,” Militello informed Matthewman. She said Zhang cooperated with agents, followed their directions, enabled her valuables to be browsed and sat through 9 hours of questioning.

Lee ran the United Nations Chinese Friendship Association and was photographed a minimum of two times with Cindy Yang, a Republican donor and former Florida massage parlor owner. Yang recently made news after it was discovered she was appealing Chinese company leaders that her consulting firm could get them access to Mar-a-Lago, where they might mingle with the president.

Yang previously owned a medical spa where New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft was charged with getting prostitution. Kraft has actually pleaded not guilty, but also asked forgiveness for his habits.

Garcia told Matthewman that a search of Zhang’s phones revealed Lee told her on March 26, 2 days before she flew from Shanghai to the United States, that the Mar-a-Lago event was canceled and she acknowledged invoice, asking him why. Garcia did not say if Lee responded.

An agent informed Matthewman last week that when an expert submitted the possible malware discovered on Zhang’s thumb drive, it immediately started setting up and damaging his computer’s files. Garcia stated Monday that more analysis has not had the ability to replicate that action, so there are now questions about whether it included malware. He said further tests are being performed.

No trial date for Zhang has been set. There is no indicator Zhang was ever near the president, who was at his neighboring golf club when she got here.

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