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Kevin Spacey Sexual Attack Case Could Be Dismissed, Judge Says

The prosecution appeared in jeopardy after the star’s accuser invoked the Fifth Amendment during a hearing over a missing out on phone.


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NANTUCKET, Mass.– A judge stated on Monday that a sexual attack case versus the star Kevin Spacey might be dismissed after the boy who accused Mr. Spacey of fondling him conjured up the Fifth Amendment during a hearing over his missing out on phone.

The guy was asked to testify on Monday regarding text messages he sent and received on the night in July 2016 that he experienced Mr. Spacey at a Nantucket restaurant. Mr. Spacey’s attorney contends that the young man had deleted text that could support Mr. Spacey’s assertion that whatever took place that night was consensual flirtation.

After the lawyer, Alan Jackson, told the male that he could be charged with a felony for erasing proof, the male invoked his constitutional right to protect himself from self-incrimination.


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Judge Thomas S. Barrett of Nantucket District Court then said the case “might well be dismissed” if the accuser continues to refuse to affirm.

” The case focuses on this private and without him the commonwealth will have a tough row to hoe,” Judge Barrett said. He did not dismiss the case on Monday, however gave district attorneys a chance to decide how to respond to the accuser’s invocation of the Fifth Change.

Mr. Spacey, 59, who was not in court on Monday, deals with one count of indecent attack and battery. He is implicated of rubbing the boy’s penis at a Nantucket restaurant called the Club Cars and truck, where the man, who was 18 at the time and is now 21, was working as a busboy.

In trying to show Mr. Spacey’s innocence, the defense attorney has looked for access to the man’s phone, but last month, the guy’s attorney, Mitchell Garabedian, told the court that the phone was missing Judge Barrett had bought that if the phone might not be found by Monday, the boy and his parents would have to appear in court to describe its whereabouts.

On the night of the encounter, the accuser had informed the authorities, he was star-struck and excited to get an image with Mr. Spacey, and texted his girlfriend throughout the night to upgrade her on what was taking place. At one point, according to court files, he texted her that Mr. Spacey had actually grabbed his penis “like eight times.”

Mr. Jackson used records of these text messages to conclude that parts of conversations with his sweetheart, and from another group chat, had been eliminated.

In the courtroom on Monday, Mr. Jackson grilled the accuser about the missing messages. The young guy said he had actually observed that a part of a text discussion was missing but that he did not understand how it vanished, saying, “I did not manipulate any of that.”

Mr. Jackson then asked the young man whether he understood that altering proof that could be utilized in a prosecution is a felony punishable by jail time.

” I was not formerly conscious of that law,” the young male replied.

Mr. Jackson doubled down, asking, “Deleting text from your phone prior to you provide to cops would be a felony, right?”

The hearing then entered into a break. Afterward, it was announced that the accuser would be pleading the Fifth.

Brian Glenny, a district attorney with the Cape and Islands district lawyer’s workplace, appeared surprised by the sharp turn of events, and asked the judge for time to choose how to respond.

” I’m not prepared today to state what we’re going to do,” he stated.

Mr. Garabedian wrote in a court filing that the accuser’s mom, Heather Unruh, delivered the smartphone to the police in December 2017, toward the start of the examination. The authorities said that the phone had been gone back to the young male’s father, Mr. Garabedian composed, but the daddy did not remember receiving it.

The family had browsed “all the locations where such a phone may have been saved,” Mr. Garabedian composed, but they were not effective. At Monday’s hearing, Mr. Garabedian said they had actually recovered a backup of the accuser’s phone on his laptop computer that covered the time of his encounter with Mr. Spacey. It was not right away clear if the backup preserved any of the possibly missing messages.

After being offered the opportunity to follow her child’s lead and plead the Fifth, Ms. Unruh, a previous tv news anchor in Boston, waived that benefit and took the stand.

” I have absolutely nothing but the reality to inform,” Ms. Unruh told the judge, her voice cracking.

Ms. Unruh testified that she had taken a look at her boy’s phone prior to she offered it to the cops and deleted some content that “worried” her as a mom. The state cannon fodder who received the phone from Ms. Unruh testified that Ms. Unruh had actually told him that she had erased some content relating to “frat kid activities” that she did not desire detectives to see.

She stated that she had never ever advised her boy to erase any messages, and never ever erased any messages herself from the discussions that Mr. Spacey’s lawyer was worried about.

” I didn’t touch anything that related to the case,” Ms. Unruh stated.

The accuser’s father likewise took the stand, affirming that he did not remember ever getting the phone back from cops. (The New York City Times is not recognizing the daddy, who has the exact same surname as his kid, to avoid naming an accuser in a sexual assault case.)

He rejected that he, his wife or his boy had gotten rid of the phone. The questioning by Mr. Spacey’s attorney quickly grew tense, with the father snapping, “I think you have actually had method too lots of questions that have actually gone way too far.”

That prompted a terse reaction from Judge Barrett, who threatened to hold the daddy in contempt if his confrontational habits continued.

Judge Barrett scheduled the next hearing for July 31.

Last week the accuser dropped a claim against Mr. Spacey just 6 days after submitting it. At Monday’s hearing, Mr. Garabedian stated the suit was dropped due to the fact that the boy was on an “psychological roller coaster.”

Brittany Bowker reported from Nantucket, Mass., and Julia Jacobs from New York.

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