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Microsoft Excel joins the 1 billion installs club on Android

Microsoft has actually been all-in on Android for years, which effort programs in regards to install numbers. Microsoft Excel just recently hit 1 billion installs on Android, making it the 3rd Microsoft app to strike the 1 billion install turning point ( through MSPU). Microsoft Word was the first Microsoft app to hit 1 billion downloads, followed by OneDrive

The Google Play Store only updates the openly dealing with install numbers for apps at turning point such as 50 million, 100 million, 500 million, and 1 billion, so it’s tough to inform the exact date that Excel hit the 1 billion mark. It appears to have passed the turning point at some point over the weekend.

In addition to having dozens of apps on Android, Microsoft announced the Surface Area Duo last week, a folding Surface area phone that runs Android. The brand-new folding device will come out near completion of 2020.

Microsoft’s ‘folding’ Surface Duo is a near-perfect execution of an older concept

Several other Microsoft apps have excellent set up numbers and could be the next to strike the 1 billion install turning point. Microsoft PowerPoint has over 500 million installs and Microsoft Edge, Your Phone, and Microsoft Launcher have over 10 million installs each.

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