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Moms And Dads Auction AR-15 to Benefit Arkansas School Where 5 Were Killed in 1998 Shooting

( JONESBORO, Ark.)– A parent-led booster club supporting an Arkansas school district that was the website of a 1998 shooting is drawing criticism for its plans to auction off an AR-15 rifle.

The fundraising event is to raise cash so Westside High School’s band can go to Disney World for an efficiency, the booster club stated. In 1998, four Westside trainees and one instructor were killed when 2 students, then ages 11 and 13, opened fire at Westside Middle School near Jonesboro. Both were released from juvenile centers at21 One shooter, Andrew Golden, later changed his name to Drew Grant and died in an automobile crash previously this summer season.

In 1999, Arkansas altered its law to enable prosecutors to charge juveniles under 14 as adults for capital murder and first-degree murder.

” I would hope that any school group or any school booster club in or around the Jonesboro location would be sensitive adequate to what occurred 20 years ago to not auction off a weapon to raise money,” said James Dunivan, who was Westside’s high school principal at the time of the shooting and is now superintendent of the nearby Nettleton School District.

Booster club president, Stacy Walz told The Jonesboro Sun that she comprehends the criticism however states the district is filled with gun lovers who support the charity event. Other groups, consisting of the school’s trap shooting group, have raffled off shotguns in the past.

” We were trying to find things that were brand-new and amazing,” she said. “You can just buy a lot cookie dough, cheesecake and wrapping paper. We were seeming distinct in our offerings the very best we could.”

The district’s superintendent, Scott Gauntt, stated the auction is not a school-sponsored fundraising event.

” This is a moms and dad group, and I have no control over that,” Gauntt said. “I have no control over these parents. They are an independent group with their own bank account.”

The AR-15 rifle has actually been used in a number of recent mass shootings, and lots of merchants have stopped offering the assault-style weapons.

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