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YouTuber Reveals That Shovel Knight Is Actually 3D

Just recently, the popular YouTube channel Border Break worked closely with designer Yacht Club Games to do an unique episode taking a look at the developer’s beloved Shovel Knight series. What the YouTuber discovered is that the Shovel Knight video games are actually 2D games developed in a 3D engine.

This is the most intriguing and visually remarkable discovery in the video. Seeing a video game that looks so retro and very 2D get spun around in 3D is trippy. Luxury yacht Club Games designer David D’Angelo discussed that this was because the engine was constructed before the studio knew exactly what they were going to make. While they wished to make a 2D video game, by making the engine 3D it provided more choices and made it much easier to debug the video game and bring it to several platforms.

While the 3D revelation is the perhaps the most amazing part of this current video, the episode also consists of some other intriguing bits.

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Screenshot: Limit Break ( YouTube)

For example, Shovel Knight includes some remaining assets and art work that the developer even admits should not exist. D’Angelo discusses that future versions of the video game may eliminate these leftovers, like some odd tiles floating behind a background. These tiles, with TB marked on them, are transparent and are connected into the system that allows gamers to break blocks in certain locations. It was left in the video game by mistake.

The complete episode is worth seeing if you are a substantial Shovel Knight fan or simply wish to see how much work entered into making these games.

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